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Dark Reader

Dark mode for every website. Take care of your eyes, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.

I don't care about cookies

Get rid of cookie warnings from almost all websites!

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) is a suite of tools to enhance your Reddit browsing experience.

Firefox Color

Build, save and share beautiful Firefox themes.


Redesign your favorite websites with Stylus, an actively developed and community driven userstyles manager. Easily install custom themes from popular online repositories, or create, edit, and manage your own personalized CSS stylesheets.

Simple Tab Groups

Create, modify, and quickly change tab groups

Tabliss - New Tab

A beautiful New Tab page with many customisable backgrounds and widgets that does not require any permissions.

Dark Mode (WebExtension)

A global dark theme for the web

Plasma Integration

Multitask efficiently by controlling browser functions from the Plasma desktop.

Adblock for Youtube™

Popular Adblock for Youtube™ Extension: Removes the video ads from Youtube™. Thanks to all AdBlock supporters!

Stylish - Custom themes for any website

Stylish lets you customize any website with custom user styles (themes for websites). Choose from the largest userstyles library to change the color scheme, background, and skin for Google, Facebook, YouTube and many, many more sites.

Print Edit WE

Edit the contents of a web page prior to printing or saving. Elements in the web page can be edited, formatted, hidden or deleted. Unwanted content, such as adverts and sidebars, can easily be removed.

Turn Off the Lights for Firefox

The entire page will be fading to dark, so you can watch the videos as if you were in the cinema. Works for YouTube and Beyond. Dark mode for all websites. It works for all known video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc.

Dark Background and Light Text

Make every web page (or just the pages you want) display light text on dark backgrounds. All color variations are fully customizable.

View Image

Re-implements the google image, "View Image" and "Search by Image" buttons.

Webmail Ad Blocker

Remove advertising clutter from your web-based email. Expand your viewable area by blocking and removing ads on the right-hand side of the screen when using Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail.

Tranquility Reader

Tranquility Reader improves the readability of web articles by removing unnecessary elements like ads, images, social sharing widgets, and other distracting fluff.

Privacy Extension For WhatsApp™ Web

The Privacy Extension For WhatsApp™ Web hides your messages from unwanted glimpses until you hover over them. In the search bar, you can disable the blur effect on all messages manually and specify what elements to blur.

I still don't care about cookies

Community version of the popular extension "I don't care about cookies"

Dark Mode

Dark theme and night shift mode for every website. Care your eyes, use Dark Mode for night and daily web browsing.

Forecastfox (fix version)

Get international weather updates (via displayed right in Firefox with this highly customizable extension.

Zoom Page WE

Zoom web pages (either per-site or per-tab) using full-page zoom, text-only zoom and minimum font size. Fit-to-width zooming can be applied to pages automatically. Fit-to-window scaling can be applied to small images.

WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access

Augment your ChatGPT prompts with relevant web search results through web browsing.

Text Link

Allows URI texts written in webpages to be loaded by double clicks.

Dark Theme for Google™

A highly customizable dark theme for Google products (search, images, translate, and contacts)


Fast JSON viewer - highlights, shows items count/size, handles large files

Tab Mix - Links

Tab browsing with an added boost.

DocsAfterDark - Google Docs Dark Mode

Modern, dark mode for Google Docs

DF YouTube (Distraction Free)

Allow yourself to focus while using YouTube for work, recreation or education. Disable autoplay, remove sidebar, hide feed, comments, and more.

Minimal Theme for Twitter

Declutter and refine the Twitter web experience.