Free extensions for Firefox-based browsers

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Tab Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for managing tabs.


Browser extension for Brisk download manager

ShortsFilter Pro

Utility Description: Streamline your YouTube experience with ShortsFilter Pro. This advanced extension effectively filters out YouTube-shorts videos from your home page, subscriptions, and search results, ensuring a focused and personalized browsing.

Stream Inspector

Be the inspector of your streaming experience with StreamInspector. This comprehensive Firefox addon simplifies the process of tracking manifests and subtitles used by various streaming protocols. Detect custom file types, download media files.

PDF StreamGuard

Guard your browsing with PDF StreamGuard. This extension ensures that all PDF files are securely displayed directly in your browser, minimizing unnecessary downloads. Design Customizer

Customize your design with the Design Customizer extension. Elevate your interface with a versatile options menu.

MyTube Layout

Design your own YouTube layout to reflect your style and preferences, revolutionizing your viewing experience.

Video FrameShot

Take frame shots from YouTube videos and shorts, enabling you to extract and preserve key visuals.

Privacy Guard

Safeguards user privacy by providing the option to delete all browsing history, passwords, downloads, and service workers for a clean browsing experience.

ILS For Simbrief

Simple extension to show the ILS frequency for the arrival runway in Simbrief.

Mastodon Sidebar

Displays a sidebar for, a frontend for accessing Mastodon

Token Counter for ChatGPT

Show the number of tokens in the current prompt for ChatGPT

Private Window Vanisher

Poof! Make private or incognito windows vanish after a certain time.

Auto Refresh-Plus-2023

Auto Refresh is the best extension to refresh on a timer

GitHub PR Check Status

provides better UI for GitHub's PR check status details

Enter Key For AI

Fix Enter Key not working for ChatGPT / Claude / Wrtn, Support both Ctrl or Command + Enter or Enter button to send message.

Dreaming Spanish Toolkit

A Firefox extension to interact with the Dreaming Spanish website, enabling new functionalities.

Sekai-Kabuka Charts

This extension displays charts correctly in Sekai-Kabuka.

Hexsphere List Companion

The Hexsphere Lists Chrome Extension is a tool for adding tasks to your lists quickly! Just open the extension and add tasks on the fly!

No Private Browsing

Blocks all access to websites in private browsing mode by replacing the content of the webpage with a simple "No.".

PayCheck for X (Formerly Twitter) [TESTING]

See (a very VERY rough idea of) how much money a post is worth

Jisho Mahou

Improve the experience

Bb Document Viewer - New Tab

Adds 'Open in New Tab' button to Blackboard document viewer

Joshi Koukousei Captcha Service

The captcha solver made by and for japanese high school girls

KISS Translator (by Gabe)

A minimalist bilingual translation Extension & Greasemonkey Script




NoteKeep: Your Personalized Note Storage Solution

Huahua: Chinese Popup Dict

Chinese language popup dictionary! Great tool for language learning


Enable Spellcheck and Add Message History to Chat.

PDF Previewer

Preview PDFs hassle-free with PDF Previewer. This extension ensures that all PDF files are instantly previewed within your browser, eliminating unnecessary downloads.