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User-Agent Switcher

Easily override the browser's User-Agent string


Fast JSON viewer - highlights, shows items count/size, handles large files


The cross-browser extension that manipulates video aspect ratio to fit your entire screen.
Netflix | Prime Video | Disney+ | Hulu | ESPN | + Many others... 🚀

Country Flags & IP Whois

Displays country flag of website's server location, Whois and Geo info on a browser addressbar icon

Fixed Zoom

Extension that sets a custom default zoom for all pages in Firefox.
You can set a general zoom for all pages or custom rules depending on the site.

Google Analytics Blocker

Block Google Analytics in any website.
If you are a developer and you do not want to watch your own visits on your page or you are just a web user that you do not want pages analyse you, this extension is for you.

Random User-Agent (Switcher)

Automatically change the user agent after a specified period of time to a randomly selected one, thus hiding your real user agent

My Homepage

My Homepage is a very useful extension which loads your Home Page whenever you open a new tab.


Easily explore and debug any WebGL context.

TIFF viewer

Intercepts any resource requests that end in .tif or .tiff and converts them into data urls using an emscripten port of libtiff.

KDE Connect

Allows sharing pages, videos, and images from your browser to KDE Connect devices.

This extension relies on a Native Messaging Host to communicate with KDE Connect devices. See for installation.

Oxford English Dictionary

Looking up Oxford English Dictionary quickly while browsing an english website

IITC Button

Intel map of Ingress game with IITC-CE ( ) in your browser.

Stay secure with CyberGhost VPN Free Proxy

Unblock any restricted website with CyberGhost VPN Proxy! One-Click connect to secure your connection! Unlimited traffic

All-In-One PageSpeed Test

Test any website performance with main test tools with one single click: Google PageTest Insights, GTmetrix, Yellow Lab Tools

Youtube download video PointMp4

Add a button to Youtube video directly, allowing you to download it's content as mp4 file instantly using And access your videos from any device and offline !

Linguee it!

Displays words and sentences translation using Linguee™

Cloud VPN - proxy vpn service

The easy to use Cloud VPN means unlimited traffic at high speed

Full Screen Multiple Monitor

This addons support to make automatically fullscreen at the startup for modern browser (Quantum version). This addons purposed for dashboard or kiosk system and can work for multiple monitor. First, set the homepage and then viola. all set sail!

JavaScript Errors Notifier

Notifies JavaScript errors by icon in toolbar bar or notification popup

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Tab Notes

Open New Tab, and write down every piece of your thought!

Back to Close WE

Use the back button to close newly opened tabs.

Search with Google Map

Right-click to search the selected text with Google Map

Xdebug Starter

A Firefox extension that allows you to start the debugging session with one click. Works with XHR and normal full requests. You can start debugging, tracing, profiling and change the idekey. Built using the new WebExtensions API.


Allows you to copy content from sites with copy-protection. Search Engine

Sets Firefox's default search engine to

Date Today for Firefox

The best clock to see in one glance the current date and time. With an option to see the digital clock in the browser toolbar. Show the analog clock in the menu bar of your web browser. You know in one blink the current date and time.

New Tab Beside

A simple extension that opens new tab or duplicates right beside the current tab. Many other browsers have "open a new tab right next to current tab" feature built in but not Firefox, and so this extension was created.

Select Link Text

Select link's text just like regular text

Toolbar Clock

Stylish analog clock for your browser toolbar.