815 apps in language-support

To Google Translate

Right-click a section of text and click the Translate icon next to it to text translate or listen to it in your language.

TWP - Translate Web Pages

Translate your page in real time using Google or Yandex.
It is not necessary to open new tabs.
Now works with the NoScript Extension.

Firefox Translations

Translate websites in your browser, privately, without using the cloud.

Simple Translate

Quickly translate selected or typed text on web pages. Supports Google Translate and DeepL API.

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

Read out loud the current web-page article with one click. Supports 40+ languages.

Free Download Manager official extension

Free Download Manager integration with your Firefox browser

Dictionary Anywhere

View definitions easily as you browse the web. Double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble. It also supports Spanish, German, French language alongside English. Enjoy Reading Uninterrupted!!!.

Mate Translate – translator, dictionary

Your all-in-one translator for web pages, highlighted text & Netflix subtitles. Translate and learn words in 103 languages.


Saladict is a professional inline translator with PDF support.


S3.Translator adds the power of Google Translate’s automatic translations to your browser! It supports translation of selected text, entered phrase or whole webpage between any of 100+ languages. New Feature: Language learning!

Edge Translate

Translate what you want.

To DeepL translation

Right-click on a section of text and click on "To DeepL" to translate it to your language. Default language is selected in extension preferences.

10ten Japanese Reader (Rikaichamp)

Quickly translate Japanese by hovering over words. Formerly released as Rikaichamp.


Do you need to extract text from images, videos or PDF? If yes, then the Copyfish free OCR software is for you. Until now, your only option was to retype the text. Copyfish is so much faster and more fun. It can do desktop screenshots and OCR, too.


Yomichan turns your browser into a tool for building Japanese language literacy by helping you to decipher texts which would be otherwise too difficult tackle. It features a robust dictionary with EPWING and flashcard creation support.

Reverso – Translation, dictionary

Translate and learn languages while browsing and watching movies, it’s free.

Grammalecte [fr]

French grammar checker.
Included: conjugation tool, lexicographer, text formatter and spelling dictionaries.

New Tong Wen Tang

Traditional and Simplified Chinese Converter

Google™ Translator

a handy multi-language translator built on top of Google translate.

Google Page Translate

Adds a toolbar button to open Google Page Translate for the current tab.

DeepL / MultiTranslate

This extension translates marked text with DeepL, Google Translate or Microsoft Translate.

Google™ Translator Lite

a powerful tool to translate words or sentences

Popup View for Google™ Translate

Access to a floating multilingual Google™ Translate popup on any webpage

LEO Dictionaries

This is the official add-on for easier access to LEOs Online Dictionaries. Select any word or phrase, right-click on the selection and translate from/to English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Polish to/from German.

Binnen-I be gone

This add-on likely is only useful for users who speak German or visit German language websites - it will remove so called "Binnen-Is" on webpages.

MUA Web Unicode Converter

It is a Firefox addons that will check web content and convert to Unicode encoded text if they are Zawgyi. It use Parabaik Converter and Myanmar Font Tagger Script(by Ko Thant Thet Khin Zaw).


Select text on any web page, and have the computer read it out loud for you by simply clicking the Talkie button.

1. Select desired text on any web page.
2. Click the Talkie button in your browser bar.

Or right click text, or use Alt+Shift+A.

Language Switch

Allows to change the language identifier sent to webservers to whatever language you need.

Mouse Dictionary

Super fast dictionary

Zhongwen: The Popular Chinese Learning Tool

Official Firefox port of the Zhongwen Chrome extension ( Translate Chinese characters by hovering over them with the mouse. Includes internal word list, links to Chinese Grammar Wiki, tone colors, and more.