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Adds SteamDB links and new features on the Steam store and community. View lowest game prices and stats.


Puts Flash back on the web where it belongs.

Ruffle is an Adobe Flash Player emulator. Ruffle seamlessly plays Flash content on sites you visit. Enjoy your favorite Flash games from yesteryear!

CSFloat Market Checker

Shows the float value, paint seed, and screenshots of Counter-Strike (CS:GO & CS2) items on the Steam Market or Inventories

VTT Enhancement Suite

aka R20ES provides quality-of-life and workflow speed improvements to the Roll20 VTT.

NOTE: VTT Enhancement Suite is not affiliated with Roll20 and is developed independently.

Google™ Translator

a handy multi-language translator built on top of Google translate.

Global Twitch Emotes

Twitch culture wherever you go! This extension replaces all emote phrases with their actual emoticons

YouTube Mp3 Downloader

The YouTube Mp3 Downloader Add-on includes a Button on any YouTube Page and allows you to convert the YouTube Video to a Mp3 with just one click. Compatible with new Firefox Quantum 57

Unwanted Twitch

Hide unwanted streams, games, categories, channels and tags on:


Extension making 'The Settlers Online' collectibles easy to find!

Destiny Item Manager Shortcut

A link to the DIM website which provides a robust interface to manage items in Destiny.

Sound Booster

Increase volume to max level and control the it of any tab.

Sauce for Strava™

Additional functionality for your cycling and running analysis. This extension upgrades the Strava™ website.


Tools for Torn users.

Free Android online emulator ApkOnline

Free Android online emulator to upload and run your APK and any APK

Regex Search

Search or Highlight in HTML using Regular Expression (REGEX) Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins, Bots

The Best Mod and Extension for! Mod Zoom, Play with Friends, Skins, Custom Skins, Bots


Directly calculate pp for a beatmap in your browser.


I make clicks... for real. If you play idle/clicker games this one is for you. Just select a key in your keyboard and press it down for the mouse to left-click, and you can it pressed down for all the time you want.

Tetris Puzzle Game

Play Tetris Puzzle Game quick and easy by clicking the popup in your browser.

The Snake Game

Play the Snake game in popup in your browser. Eat, grow and try not to crash.

FPL Tools

1. Fixture difficulty
2. Last 5 GW Points
3. Net Transfers
4. Extended League Table
5. Expected Points
6. Quick Transfer
7. Enhanced Stats
8. Compare Players

IITC Button

Intel map of Ingress game with IITC-CE ( ) in your browser.

Flappy Bird

The Flappy Bird game is in your browser! Try to fly the bird without hitting a pipe!

AutoJoin for SteamGifts

Automatically enters giveaways from a page (main, wishlist or any other) and adds some extra features.

Stop Mod Reposts

Detects and warns against sites known to illegally repost mods.

2048 in Popup

Play 2048 anytime you want, it's always in your browser!

Doodle Jump

The green alien needs your help to jump higher! The famous Doodle Jump game is available in your browser.


Script collection for Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances.

Toolbox for Google Play Store™

Enhances the Google Play Store™ with various features.

Battle Tank Games

The iconic game of 90's is in your browser. Try to kill the adversary and protect the eagle.