KickAssist will Enable Spellcheck in your Chat and add a Sent Message History for Each Channel.

The Sent Message History will allow you to quickly resend previously sent messages and will save your previously saved messages from all past streams.

Chat Message Input Hotkeys

Shift + Up Arrow = Go Back in History
Shift + Down Arrow = Go Forward in History
Shift + Delete Key = Remove From History

Chat Settings Menu

Message History Toggle - Allows you to Enable and Disable the Message History for the channel you're in.

Message History Logs - Shows all of your past sent messages in the channel you're in. [ Limit 100 Msgs ]

Message History Menu

Click the Trash Icon to delete a message from history.

Click a Message to move it to your Chat Input Field to Send or Modify before sending the message in chat.

VOD Features

Added Rewind and Fast Forward Buttons
Left Arrow Key will now Rewind VOD's by 10 Seconds
Right Arrow Key will now Fast Forward VOD's by 10 Seconds

Info Drop Menu Chat Settings Menu Message History Menu VOD Rewind and Fast Forward Buttons