Private Window Vanisher

Ever wondered what to do if you fall asleep in the middle of a... ahem... 'private' online research session? Or perhaps you simply value your privacy and like to keep a low profile on the web? Welcome to Auto Close Private Windows, your digital guardian angel for those moments when privacy is key!

Whether you're planning a secret party, shopping for surprise gifts, or enjoying some 'educational videos', this extension has got your back. Set a timer, and all your private or incognito windows will automatically close after the specified time. Voilà! Your private window will vanish, and your little secret will remain safe with us.


-Set the Timer: Decide how long you want your private windows to stay open.
-Easy to Use: Simply choose the minutes, start the timer, and relax.
-Discretion Guaranteed: What happens in incognito mode, stays in incognito mode. 😉

Disclaimer: We're not responsible for private research; we just make sure it stays private. This extension is for entertainment and privacy purposes only and does not promote or endorse any illegal or inappropriate activity. Browse responsibly and stylishly.

Download "Auto Close Private Windows" today and explore the web with complete confidence. Happy incognito browsing!

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