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Stream Genius

Unleash your streaming genius with StreamGenius. This innovative Firefox addon simplifies the process of tracking manifests and subtitles used by various streaming protocols.

Download Inspector

Provides an overview of the latest downloaded file, granting you the ability to open or delete it directly within the extension.

Mindful Motivator

Displays animated images and uplifting quotes in your new tab, providing daily doses of inspiration and motivation.


Modify YouTube thumbnails to include XQC and add a reaction box to the video player


Secure Hashing Algorithm To Terminate Exploitative Requests (Block bad queries and domain names based on their SHA3-512 checksums)

Password Paster

Paste password in those website's input field where Ctrl+V doesn't functions

Dev Links

All links a developer would need.

URL Collector

Collect URLs and endpoints from a webpage. Egyscan Helper Will Help Pentesters and security researchers to find the endpoints easliy

WebCapture Pro

Simplify your web browsing experience with SnapPage, the ultimate tool for capturing crystal-clear screenshots of any webpage with just a single click.

ShortsAway Pro

Utility Description: Take charge of your YouTube feed with ShortsAway Pro. This advanced extension effectively removes YouTube-shorts videos from your home page, subscriptions, and search results.

Site Sweeper

Swiftly sweep away the history data of chosen websites, offering a clean browsing experience.

Surf Favorites

Curates a personalized collection of your favorite websites, based on your visit frequency and preferences.

Why Salesforce

Stuff that Salesforce should have added already... Adding flow and user tabs into setup.

Open Tab Neighbour

Open a tab right next to your current one, either a duplicate or a completely fresh one. That is all


Weoja search engine by Weoja

Fix wrong print of TheLocal

Fix the wrong print (to pdf) of any article of (due to the fact that there is no media print option in the CSS of the new version of the website of


StartPage Plugin for Firefox that uses your bookmarks. Customizable with CSS.


removes unwanted contents from a website, mainly added now for stackoverflow

FPL Marginal Prices

Adjusts player prices on the Fantasy Premier League website. It shows each players price relative to the cheapest possible player in their position.

Web Purge

Effortlessly delete the browsing history of selected websites, keeping your browsing habits confidential.

Cookie Insights

Provide insights into the cookies of the active tab by listing and displaying their details, facilitating better understanding and management.


Transports users to dreamlike environments by opening new tabs with random blurred images, evoking a sense of wonder and intrigue.

PicWiz Legacy

Either select an image through the context menu or click the extension icon and view all images to perform various operations on them via


The official companion extension for JungleReader ( This extension allows JungleReader to fetch pages from external websites like Reddit, Mastodon, Hacker News, etc. and show their content in the reader.

Check X Rate Limits

Check API rate limit statuses of X (Twitter).

Old Reddit Redirect

Redirects from every page to the identical version.

Legacy Curseforge

Automatically redirects to the legacy Curseforge website.

Simple To-Do

A List of just what you need to do now.

FindSomething - ايجاد شئ ما

البحث عن اشياء مهمة في صفحات الموقع او ملفات الجافا سكربت لايجاد معلومات حساسة ممكن ان تفيد المهاجمين الاخلاقيين

Omnivore List Popup

Displays a popup with a list of your Omnivore articles to quickly open or archive.